From the recording Just Passing Through

Eddie Bolt is the manager of Hagood Mill in Pickens County and a really fine songwriter. I heard this song during the 2003 SC Community Scholars Institute and fell in love with it. Eddie was kind enough to teach it to me and let us use it as the title track for our CD. --Lucy


Set my dinner plate
In payment for the work I’ll do today
Just don’t be too late
Or you may find that I’ve gone on my way

Let me say thank you
For everything you do
Just don’t get too used to hearing it cause
I’m just passing through

Lay me down a place to rest my head
And sleep this night away
Do it just in case I may decide
To stay another day
Let me say thank you…

Let me say thank you…

Soon I’m glory bound,
I’m headed on to where the angels tread
When that place I’ve found
I’ll tell them by whom I was clothed and fed

Let me say thank you…