From the recording London or Oxford

For Andy. Hope you're still playing guitar and singing and writing songs.


In the winter of 85 and on into the summer
Played music at the club, for our friends and for each other
I have the tape we made back then with Angel from Montgomery
Recorded in the living room with our harmonies so lovely

The letters you used to write were the best gifts I received
With your address they’re now gone, something I can’t retrieve
The last time I saw you I was standing at the station
It seemed right for you to leave me there, go back to my own nation

I wish I never told you “I love you”
I wish I had been single at the time
I wish I knew now you are happy
In London or in Oxford or in Skye

You might have been the right one but it wasn't the right time
You could've been the wrong one and I was desperate in my life
It seemed you were my best friend, or I remember it that way
And if I hadn’t spoken we might still be friends today

Sitting on the bottom shelf a memory in a folder
The songs we sang together before we both got older
I give to you a wish today of grace and peace and plenty
And this song I send out to you wherever you may be