1. When to Let Go

From the recording When to Let Go


How do I know when to let go?
Why is the fear that holds me here?
Where is the love that'll set me free?
When will I be me?

A happy little girl walked down the lane, The day was clear and cold
She spotted a diamond snake in the grass and picked it up to hold
She saw the diamonds glitter so fine, the rest of its skin was gold
The snake it bit her in the side the way it was foretold


‘You knew what I was when you picked me up’--But the girl was innocent
She dropped the snake back in the grass; it never did repent
The wound healed over out of sight and left her double-bent
And the poison trickled through her veins for there was no way to vent


The years went by and joy slipped out replaced by fear and hate
Till one day a healer happened by and he knew it wasn't too late
He saw the scar that left the mark that she thought was her fate
He opened the wound and let it drain the poison of that snake


Every day the poison came draining from her side
And while she changed the bandages tears fell from her eyes
Then one day the bleeding stopped, the sun came out to shine
She saw the healer in her heart, it always was inside.

Now I know when to let go
Gone is the fear that held me here
Come is the love that has set me free
Now that I am me [repeat]