From the recording Six Hawks On the Highway

About a relationship disaster. True story about driving and seeing 6 different hawks on the journey. In a number of different cultures hawks are messengers.


On my way home from DC
Six hawks sitting and staring at me
From the branches they sat upon
Telling me it’s time to move on

Part of me still wants to love you
Despite the pain you put me through
And even though I hurt today
I wonder why it went astray

On the highway showing me a sign
Six hawking staring from their pines
Elders say hawks never lie
Now they’re urging me to fly

You taught me to care about myself
Then turned and left me on the shelf
So now you’ve gone the other way
And I live through another day

In my dreams a window opened
I flew out and your spell was broken

Driving down the interstate
Hawk flew across and caught my gaze
Looked at me and I took her to say
You’re flying free, now keep it that way